Thank you for stopping by to visit my website.  I’ve been a full time
portrait photographer since 1989 (I spent two years at a mall studio before opening Photography
by Shannon in 1991). After 30 years, I still dig my job!

I specialize in portraits of babies, kids, families, and high school seniors.    My studio is in an old house on Main Street in downtown Belleville.                                               
I don't do event photography (weddings, parties, etc). 

I’ve got two boys (21 and 23). My oldest son is overseas (in the Navy) and my youngest is an HVAC apprentice and a licensed real estate agent. I am also mom to a spoiled rotten rescued pit bull that I would die for. 

I love old houses, rescued mutts, cheddar cheese, Superman ice cream, Elton John, comedies, chilly weather, resale shopping, TJMaxx, Lake Michigan, and blue jeans.

I want everyone to feel welcome in my studio regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation,
political affiliation, socioeconomic status, or anything that makes you different from me
(or anyone else). I’ll even welcome you into my studio with open arms if you like country
music, seafood, or ninety-degree weather.